Why Living In Lancaster Pensylvania Is Awesome

Local Junk Removal Owners Top 9 Reasons Why They Love Living in Lancaster, PA

Hey there, fellow Lancaster enthusiasts! At B&L Carson Disposal Service, we’re practically doing cartwheels over this charming city – we just can’t get enough of it! Seriously, we’re head over heels, folks.

Since we’ve been living in Lancaster for a while now, we decided to put together a top 9 list of reasons why we think anyone considering a move to the area should jump on board. We had a blast coming up with this list, so we hope you enjoy reading it just as much.

So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be convinced that Lancaster is the place to be. And hey, why not grab a cup of tea, coffee, or maybe even a cold drink while you’re at it? It’s the Lancaster way!

Town Full Of History:

Ah, Lancaster, Pennsylvania! It’s got a history as rich and colorful as a slice of shoofly pie. Originally dubbed Hickory Town (kinda boring, right?), Lancaster got a fresh new name thanks to local hero John Wright, who apparently had a thing for the city of Lancaster, England. And thus, a new era was born!

But wait, there’s more. Lancaster was part of the Penn’s Woods Charter of William Penn, dating all the way back to 1681. That’s like, ancient history, man! The city was officially incorporated as a borough in 1742 and then upgraded to full-on city status in 1818. Talk about moving up in the world.

During the Revolutionary War, Lancaster got its moment in the spotlight when it briefly served as the temporary capital of the United States for one day. That’s right, just one day! The Continental Congress had to hightail it out of Philadelphia when the Brits came to town, so they set up shop in Lancaster’s Court House (built in 1739, destroyed by fire in 1784, rebuilt, and then relocated to the current Lancaster County Courthouse in 1852). Unfortunately for Lancaster, the revolutionary government decided to keep on movin’ and headed even further away to York, Pennsylvania. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

And let’s not forget the red rose, which is Lancaster’s official symbol. It’s a nod to the House of Lancaster, which had a little something to do with that whole War of the Roses business back in England. So yeah, Lancaster has a connection to some serious historical drama. But don’t worry, these days the city is more focused on delicious farm-to-table cuisine, breathtaking scenery, and a welcoming community that’s just waiting for you to join them.

Amish Culture & Country Is Cool: 

If you’re looking for a unique and fascinating cultural experience, look no further than Lancaster, PA! The area is home to a thriving Amish community, and let us tell you, these folks are seriously cool.

For starters, the Amish way of life is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. They reject modern technology in favor of a simpler, more traditional lifestyle, which means no cell phones, no electricity, and no cars. Instead, they rely on horse-drawn buggies, hand tools, and good old-fashioned elbow grease.

But don’t let their traditional ways fool you – the Amish are incredibly skilled craftsmen and produce some of the most beautiful handmade goods you’ll ever lay eyes on. From intricately quilted blankets to expertly crafted furniture, the Amish take great pride in their work and it shows.

And if you’re lucky enough to visit Lancaster, you can even take a tour of an Amish farm and get a firsthand look at their way of life. Trust us, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

So, why is it cool that the Amish live in Lancaster? Well, for one, they’re a huge part of the local culture and history. But more than that, they offer a glimpse into a way of life that is both fascinating and inspiring. So if you’re ever in the area, make sure to pay a visit to our Amish neighbors – you won’t regret it!

Beautiful Scenery:

Are you ready to be blown away by the natural beauty of Lancaster, PA? This place is like a picture-perfect postcard come to life! 

From the rolling hills to the winding streams, the scenic views in Lancaster are the stuff of dreams. Whether you’re a hiking enthusiast or just looking for a great backdrop for your Instagram photos, Lancaster’s got you covered. 

Here is a list of some the best scenic places you can visit:

  1. House Rock Nature Preserve: A 95-acre woodland with a mixture of mature dry oak, tulip, beech trees, and maple along the slopes of the Susquehanna River.

  2. Star Rock: A rock formation above the Susquehanna River with a 256 feet elevation perfect for hiking and biking.

  3. Pinnacle Overlook Nature Preserve: A family-friendly area with more than 2.76 miles of hiking trails and a breathtaking view overlooking the Susquehanna River.

  4. White Cliffs of Conoy: A unique spot with a stunning view of the sunset behind the Susquehanna River.

  5. Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve: A natural area with outstanding rock outcroppings and a diverse ecosystem where kids can admire plants and unique animal life.

  6. Chickies Rock Overlook: The second-largest regional park with over 422 acres of mesmerizing massive outcropping made of quartzite rock towering with a height of 100 feet above the river.

  7. Ferncliff Wildflower and Wildlife Preserve: A 1.7-mile loop trail perfect for walking, nature trips, and birdwatching.

  8. Breezyview Overlook: A unique location with an outstanding panoramic view over Chickies Rock and Susquehanna River.

Low Cost of Living:

If you’re looking for a place that won’t break the bank, Lancaster is calling your name! Our cost of living is based on a US average of 100, and guess what? We come in at a cool 91.3! 

That means we’re cheaper than the US average, so you can spend your hard-earned money on the things that matter most to you, like exploring all the delicious food spots or hitting up our local farmers’ markets. Don’t worry about breaking the bank here, Lancaster has got you covered! 

Just to prove our point, here’s a cool little chart we whipped up so you can compare cost of living:

COST OF LIVING Lancaster Pennsylvania USA
Overall 91.3 94.6 100
Grocery 102.7 100.3 100
Health 112.2 101.1 100
Housing 73 80.5 100
Median Home Price $212,800 $234,800 $291,700
Utilities 104.3 98.2 100
Transportation 90.1 104 100
Miscellaneous 113.2 101.5 100

Strong Job Market & Economy:

Listen up, job seekers! Lancaster’s job market is like a big, diverse buffet with a little something for everyone. Whether you’re into healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, or even startups, Lancaster has got you covered. 

And if you’re worried about the unemployment rate, don’t be! It’s usually lower than the national average, which means there are plenty of job opportunities waiting for you. 

Plus, the median household income in Lancaster is a bit higher than the national average, so you might just be able to afford that extra guac on your burrito bowl. All in all, Lancaster’s job market is the place to be for anyone looking to make a living in a wide variety of fields.

Lancaster’s business-friendly environment made it easy for us to start up our junk removal business in the city. The strong economy provided a solid foundation for our venture to thrive, and we were able to tap into the diverse job market to find employees who shared our vision. 

Lancaster’s government is also very supportive of new businesses, with numerous programs and incentives available to entrepreneurs. From tax breaks to low-interest loans, there are plenty of opportunities for startups to get off the ground in Lancaster. 

We are grateful to be a part of this vibrant business community and look forward to seeing what the future holds!


Family Friendly:

Looking for a family friendly city? Look no further than Lancaster, Pennsylvania! This colonial town has preserved much of its historical architecture, and is also home to the largest Amish community in the United States. With more than 8 million visitors each year, Lancaster is a popular tourist destination that offers plenty of family-friendly activities for visitors of all ages.

One great option for families is the Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center, which offers a variety of outdoor activities like ziplining and wildlife encounters. Kids can get up close and personal with animals like llamas, alpacas, and goats, or tackle an aerial obstacle course high above the ground.

For a taste of Lancaster’s unique history, head to the Strasburg Rail Road, the oldest operating railroad system in America. Hop aboard a steam train and take a scenic ride through the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside, enjoying the sights and sounds of this charming region.

For younger children, Tiny Town is a must-visit destination. This 8,000 square foot play place features 11 luxury playhouses where kids can engage in various role-playing activities, from running a pretend grocery store to working at a construction site.

If you’re still looking for more family-friendly fun in Lancaster, check out the Turkey Hill Experience, where interactive exhibits on the dairy industry and sustainable practices are sure to fascinate kids of all ages. Dutch Wonderland is a theme park with rides and water play areas that’s perfect for children, while the Choo Choo Barn is a miniature model train town with hundreds of features and local landmarks.

For budding scientists, the Lancaster Science Factory is a great place to explore over 75 hands-on exhibits. And for a glimpse into Pennsylvania’s German heritage, head to the Landis Valley Museum, a 100-acre site that offers a range of historical and cultural experiences.

Whether you’re looking to learn about history, science, or simply have some family fun, Lancaster, Pennsylvania has something for everyone. Truly, a great place for families.

Accessible Location:

One of the best things about Lancaster is how conveniently located it is to major cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. Within a few hours’ drive, you can easily explore all these exciting places and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Picture this: you start your day off in Lancaster, wandering around the historic streets and sipping on some delicious Amish-made lemonade. As the sun starts to set, you pack up your car and head out on a road trip. In just two hours, you’re strolling down the streets of Philly, chowing down on some iconic cheesesteaks and posing for selfies with the Liberty Bell. Next up, you hit the road again and in just over an hour, you find yourself in the heart of Baltimore, munching on some world-famous crab cakes and admiring the city’s stunning architecture.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! After a good night’s rest, you hit the road once again and in just under two hours, you’re in the nation’s capital – Washington D.C. The Smithsonian museums, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial are just some of the incredible sights you can explore. And after a full day of exploring, you get back in the car and make your way back to Lancaster, eager to rest up and prepare for your next adventure.

This one of the reason we here and B&L Carson Disposal Service LLC love living here. 

Safe and Welcoming Community:

Listen up, folks! Do you want to live in a safe city? Of course, you do! Well, then you’ll be thrilled to know that Lancaster, PA is one of the safest places to live in the US! In fact, it ranks 16th in safety, which is no small feat! So, if you’re looking for a retirement option or just want to live in a secure city, Lancaster is a great choice.

But wait, there’s more! According to WalletHub, Lancaster is the number one place to live in 2022! That’s right, number one! WalletHub analyzed safety, affordability, quality of life, economic health, and education in small cities across the US, and Lancaster came out on top! It’s like winning the lottery, but without all the money.

And Lancaster isn’t just resting on its safety laurels. The city is dedicated to making sure everyone, young and old, feels included and secure. The Age-Friendly City Action Plan was implemented in 2021, which works to ensure neighborhoods are inclusive of people of all ages. This program is developed from the World Health Organization’s Age-Friendly Cities and Communities Framework, and it’s pretty amazing if you ask us.

Plus, if you want a quieter living experience, the suburbs surrounding Lancaster City offer even safer communities. So, come and experience Lancaster’s safety and all that it has to offer!

Commitment To Sustainability:

Wanna know why else we, as people in the junk removal services love this town? Here is why. We’re talking about a city that’s seriously committed to the environment – that’s right, Lancaster is all about sustainability, reducing waste, conserving energy, and promoting eco-friendly practices. And as a junk removal company, we’re proud to be part of such a forward-thinking community.

Lancaster has set some lofty goals of becoming the nation’s first net-zero city. The city wants to source 100% of its electricity from renewable sources. And they’re well on their way to achieving that goal, thanks to partnerships with local utilities and investments in renewable energy infrastructure.

But it’s not just about renewable energy – Lancaster has a whole range of programs and initiatives aimed at reducing waste and promoting sustainable living. They’ve got a robust recycling program that diverts a ton of waste from landfills, and a composting program that turns food and yard waste into nutrient-rich soil.

And if you’re all about sustainable transportation, Lancaster’s got you covered. They’ve got bike-friendly infrastructure, including bike lanes, racks, and bike-sharing programs, as well as a public bus system and car-sharing programs.

So if you’re looking for a city that’s all about sustainability and creating a healthier, more sustainable community for generations to come, Lancaster should be at the top of your list.

Conclusion To Why Living In Lancaster, PA Is Awesome

In conclusion, we here at B&L Carson Disposal LLC absolutely love living in Lancaster, PA! 

We’ve listed nine fantastic reasons why Lancaster is such a great place to live, from the beautiful natural scenery to the vibrant arts and culture scene. We’re proud to be a part of a community that prioritizes sustainability, safety, and inclusivity, and we hope that our list has been helpful to anyone considering a move to the area. 

Whether you’re a retiree looking for a safe and affordable place to settle down, a young professional seeking a city with a bustling food and drink scene, or a young family looking to raise a family in a safe and affordable environment, Lancaster has something for everyone. 

So come on down and see for yourself what makes this city so special!