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Providing local & friendly furniture removal in Lancaster, PA. Helping you to get rid of all types of furniture quickly & safely.


Friendly Service

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Are You Looking For Furniture Removal In Lancaster, PA?

Let Us Do The Lifting

You don't have to break your back or strain yourself by removing old furniture. We'll pick it up and load it up for you. We got dollies, straps, and the muscle to handle it all. Our trailers and trucks have plenty of space to load up many pieces at a time.

Competitive Prices

If you think it's going to cost you an arm and a leg to get rid of that old couch, think again. We do our best to keep prices as low and as competitive as possible so we offer affordable prices. Our objective is to save not just money, but time and hassle with furniture removal.

Proper Disposal

Furniture pieces can have all types of different materials that need special disposal. Experienced since 2007, we know what needs recycling and what can be dropped at a landfill. If an item can still be used, we are happy to donate it for you.

Some Of Our Lancaster Furniture Removal Service Include...

Junk Removal Lampeter

Couch Removal & Disposal

The couch you've had for years may have some sentimental value, but that doesn't mean it deserves a place in your home. We understand how difficult furniture removal can be and we'll haul items away while taking care not to damage any walls or other items around the house during our process

Decluttering Tips

Furniture Moving

Need furniture moved or hauled away to another location? B&L Carson Disposal Service LLC has you covered! We offer our furniture moving at a great affordable price and are well equipped to handle even the largest of pieces for you. Save your back and the hassle of moving pieces on your own.

Junk removal lampeter pa

Old Chairs Removed

Give us a call and we'll take that grubby old chair away! It's hard to imagine that old chair once sitting all sleek, brand new at some furniture store. But all things have their time - including chairs. So if you're tired of dealing with your old chairs, contact us today.

Lancaster PA Furniture Removal

All Types Of Furniture

We specialize in removing and disposing of all types of furniture, from tables and bookshelves to dressers and beds. We'll pick up your furniture, load it onto our truck, and haul it away, so you don't have to lift a finger. And, because we're professionals, you can rest assured that your furniture will be properly disposed of.

Declutter Tips

Furniture No Longer Needed

We all have furniture that we no longer need or want. Maybe it's an old dresser that doesn't fit with your new decor or a bed that's too small for your growing family. Whatever the reason, getting rid of unwanted furniture can be a challenge. That's where we come in. With years in the business, we know where to disposal of items you no longer need.

Mattress Removal Reading PA

Matress Disposal

Mattresses are bulky and take up a lot of space. That's why we'll pick up your old and unwanted mattress for you. We've got lots of room in our truck for all sorts and sizes of mattresses and beds. With years in the disposal business, we know exactly how to properly dispose of them too. B&L Carson will make quick work in hauling it away.

What to expect with our services…

Contact Us

Once you've decided that you need a your piece of furniture removed, go ahead and contact us. We are open 7 days a week and ready to serve you. Call us, email us, or text us and let us know what you need hauled away.

We Give You A Quote

Once we get in touch with you, simply give us some information about the furniture you need removed. We will be happy to give you a FREE and no-obligation quote on the removal.

We Haul Away!

If you like the pricing (and we think you will!) we will go ahead and schedule the pick-up. We will arrive on the date and time scheduled and load it up quickly and safely. Once the work is done, we give you the invoice to take care of the payment.

Book A Junk Removal Service Below

Use our simple booking system to schedule your junk removal. Select the day, time, and give us some contact information. Our friendly Lancaster junk removal service will be in contact with you to confirm everything with you.

We provide furniture removal in Lancaster, PA, and we’re always happy to lend a hand. We know how difficult it can be to haul away large or awkward items, and that’s where B&L Carson Disposal Service comes in.